‘Stop gloating whenever Brexit gets tough’ Business peer savages ‘BBC propaganda machine’ – Express.co.uk

‘Stop gloating whenever Brexit gets tough’ Business peer savages ‘BBC propaganda machine’ – Express.co.uk


Lord Digby Jones has ripped into the anti-Brexit press for “gloating whenever something related to Brexit goes wrong”.

The scathing on-air attack from the life peer targeted the BBC during an interview with Radio 4 this morning.

This comes after Liam Fox, the International Trade Secretary, said the BBC “would rather see Britain fail than Brexit succeed”. 

The crossbencher, who served under Gordon Brown as Minister of State for Trade, said Theresa May needed to be more honest and set out that Britain cannot have its cake and eat it.

He said that Brexiteers would understand this position, and value taking back control of the country even if it comes at a cost. 

He told Week in Westminister: “I have had it up to here with the propaganda sheets like the BBC wiling for Brexit to fail.

“I do need a bit more unbiased reporting from the BBC. 

“I rarely see Laura Knuesseing anything other than gloating in the failure of something related to Brexit.” 

Anti-Brexit campaigner Roland Rudd then countered during the interview and condemned the government as desperate.

Mr Rudd said: “We have to deal in facts. We have Liam Fox rushing off to Singapore, and then to the US, all because Britain is now weak.” 

But Lord Digby hit back: “This is so polemic.

“It’s perfectly possible to have a quality deal with the EU, our most important trading partner, and also stirke a fabulous deal with our most important ally, the US.

“By the way, this is Asia’s century, not America’s nor Europe’s – we have to get out there and do the stuff.

“We can pull this off you know! But we need the BBC to stop this onslaught.”

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