BREAKING: Donald Trump tells Theresa May Brexit trade deal can be done ‘very quickly’ –

BREAKING: Donald Trump tells Theresa May Brexit trade deal can be done ‘very quickly’ –

The Prime Minister met the US President on the sidelines of the G20 summit yesterday, with ambitious plans for Britain’s future relationship with the US high on the agenda in a second private meeting this morning. 

Government sources were optimistic the leaders would make progress on setting a timetable for more open transatlantic business links. 

Just 10 minutes into this morning’s meeting, it emerged Donald Trump said he expects a trade deal with the UK to be completed “very, very quickly”.

He added he will be coming to London.

Speaking ahead of the crucial talks, a Government source said: “They will be discussing moving forward with a post-Brexit US-UK trade agreement.”

The revelation will rile European Union chiefs, who have tried to restrict the UK from discussing trade deals until Brexit is complete.

But that has not stopped Theresa Mau, who boosted Britain’s global trading links further yesterday when she met Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

Mrs May and President Xi agreed relations between Britain and China were going through “a golden era”. 

The source added: “The Chinese President said that he believed the talks between Britain and the EU had got off to a positive start. 

“Since the referendum, Chinese investment in the UK had increased which showed Chinese confidence in the UK.” 

President Xi told Mrs May that “Brexit was a very big event for the world”. 

But he went on to say that a stable and prosperous UK and EU were good for the world.

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