Ken Loach’s Brexit warning falls flat – (blog)

Ken Loach’s Brexit warning falls flat – (blog)

Ken Loach is no fan of Brexit. The veteran filmmaker and Corbynista luvvie warned last year that the referendum was a ‘dangerous, dangerous moment’ for the country. Now, Loach is dishing out even more doom and gloom, saying that leaving the EU could mean bad news for the British film industry. Loach said that a messy Brexit deal might lead to directors thinking they would ‘not bother’ making films in Britain. Loach also said that if freedom of movement stops, life could get trickier for moviemakers. Mr S thinks that someone should tell Loach’s friend: Jeremy Corbyn. After all, the Labour leader has promised that freedom of movement will end after Brexit if he becomes PM.

Even if Loach doesn’t manage to convince Corbyn to change his mind (again) on freedom of movement, Mr S thinks Loach need not worry about Brexit. Since the referendum, the fall in the value of sterling has meant Hollywood film studios are splashing the cash in Britain, shelling out a record £1.3bn in Britain last year – up by 18 per cent on 2015. And Britain’s film industry is certainly on the up – with Star Wars Episode VIII, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Bridget Jones’s Baby and The Jungle Book all filmed in the UK last year. It’s also the case that being in the EU doesn’t make much difference to a film industry’s success. After all, all of the top five film industries in the world – the US, China, India, Nigeria and Japan – were all outside the EU last time Mr S checked. Maybe it’s time for Loach to stop panicking about Brexit…

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