‘You’ve shot yourself in the foot’ France plans to shamelessly exploit Brexit for own gain – Express.co.uk

‘You’ve shot yourself in the foot’ France plans to shamelessly exploit Brexit for own gain – Express.co.uk


New French president Emmanuel Macron is vying for the relocation of businesses out of the City of London and in to Paris after Britain finally unshackles itself from the bloc in 2019.

So much so, French diplomats have said they are “rolling out a tricolour carpet” to get back the French people who moved to London. 

One official said: “You’ve shot yourself in the foot. Don’t expect us to take advantage.”

While Valerie Pecresse, chairwoman of the Paris regional council, said: “Boris Johnson and David Cameron said to anyone prepared to listen they were rolling out the red carpet for the French. 

“Now we are rolling out the tricolour carpet. Our first aim is to get back the French people who moved to London.” 

It comes as Mr Macron launches plans to woo British corporations across the Channel. 

He is expected to announced proposals for cutting and simplifying corporation tax, while Paris regional council has pledged to open bilingual schools.

Mr Macron’s bold and bitter plans come as papers show a number of London banks have applied for French banking licences. 

Those wanting to move from London will also be offered relocation services, including finding a home, a school and dealing with bureaucracy. 

Christian Noyer, a former of the Bank of France, said: “His election was a game changer. People see that he is pro-business and pro-reform.” 

A British official told The Times: “The French screwed us on the way into Europe and they are screwing us on the way out,” as he referenced British subsidies that benefited French farmers in 1973.

France always had a good deal from Britain’s membership, including the right to fish in UK waters, farmers subsidies and a budget deal that was unfavourable to British taxpayers. 

There has also been a housing boom in France, with a number of Britons considering a move following Britain’s Leave result – dubbed the “Great Brescape”. 

Tim Swannie, director of Home Hunts, said he “noticed an increase for British buyers who are looking to relocate permanently to France, particularly people looking to start rural holiday rental businesses as well a number of people looking to relocate from London to either Paris or nearby Geneva. 

“These tend to be clients working in finance.”

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