‘That’s NOT possible’ BBC host SKEWERS Labour MP over unrealistic Brexit demands – Express.co.uk

‘That’s NOT possible’ BBC host SKEWERS Labour MP over unrealistic Brexit demands – Express.co.uk


Debbie Abrahams, the shadow work and pensions secretary, crossed swords with BBC host Justin Webb over Labour’s red lines. 

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, the Labour MP called for the David Davis to deliver the same benefits of the single market and customs union, despite exiting the bloc. 

The host snapped back at the politician, insisting it was not possible to cut ties with Brussels and maintain the same benefits. 

He said: “You want a Brexit outcome that delivers the exact same benefits as we have as members of the single market and the customs union. 

“That’s just not possible, is it? If you leave those things.” 

The shadow work and pensions secretary fired back at the host reiterating that the Brexit Secretary first made that comment, and the Labour Party were simply holding the Government to account. 

She replied: “We are holding David Davis to his word because that is the phrase that he used. 

“So we have used this continuously, including in our six tests on what is an appropriate Brexit. 

“We are holding the Government to account. They have promised this and we want them to deliver. And if they don’t, we are ready.”

MPs voted to reject a Labour amendment which called for a one per cent cap on public sector pay to end as well as the recruitment of extra police and firefighters.

The Tories, backed by the Democratic Unionist Party, saw off yesterday’s Labour proposal by 323 votes to 309, a majority of 14.

Further amendments to the Queen’s Speech will be voted on by MPs later today. 

The Labour Party leader has called for a “jobs first” Brexit and demanded the “exact same benefits” as the single market and customs union when exiting the EU.

Jeremy Corbyn said: “The Conservative programme is in tatters following the public verdict at the general election.

“Theresa May does not have a mandate for continued cuts to our schools, hospitals, police and other vital public services or for a race-to-the-bottom Brexit.

“Labour will fight these policies every step of the way.”

The Labour leader’s request could allow opposition MPs who support continued membership of the single market and customs union, which is not official policy, to back the party’s position.

Speaking later on Sky News host, the frontbencher clashed with the host, Jonathan Samuels, who branded Labour MP’s as “hypocrites” for changing their minds on Mr Corbyn. 

The presenter was forced to remind the Labour politician that Mr Corbyn didn’t win the General Election after Ms Abrahams claimed the leader had “delivered”. 

He raged: “Well he did lose the election, we seem to be forgetting that sometimes.”

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