‘A great backstabber!’ Lord Tebbit HITS BACK at Lord Heseltine’s attempts to derail Brexit – Express.co.uk

‘A great backstabber!’ Lord Tebbit HITS BACK at Lord Heseltine’s attempts to derail Brexit – Express.co.uk


Lord Tebbit accused his colleague of being a “great backstabber”, something he claims Lord Heseltine has continued since working with the European Commission to overthrow Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

The Brexiteer then hinted Lord Heseltine is still on his pro-European quest, but now to topple Theresa May and Brexit.

Speaking on BBC , Lord Tebbit said:“As we know Michael Heseltine’s great objective in politics was, which he achieved, was to stab Margaret Thatcher in the back and to help Geoffrey Howe and the European Commission to bring her down.”

When questioned by the programme’s host Emma Barnett on whether this still applies today, the Tory peer added: “Oh yes, people don’t change, people don’t change.”

Lord Tebbit’s rant comes after Lord Heseltine warned of a collapse in Theresa May’s Government within two years.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s World at One programme, Lord Heseltine claimed “we’re paying for the consequences of Brexit” after Mrs May failed to secure a Commons majority in her own snap election.

When asked whether he believed Mrs May’s claim of her deal with the DUP providing “certainty”, he rejected the notion.

Lord Heseltine said: “Yes, that’s what she does say. And, of course, it’s completely devoid of reality, because there is no such unity on this issue.

“There is deeply divided country and every day, either within the Cabinet, within the leaders of the industrial world, within the academic world, more and more people realise the consequences of Brexit.”

He added: “This is a deeply divided country and singling one part of it in order to give a semblance of short-term stability is just one more of the prices we’re paying for the consequences of Brexit.

“I think it will take two years, 18 months, for the Government to be at risk, and that’s assuming they can command the loyalty in the Brexit confrontations of every Conservative MP. That is by no means certain.”

Lord Tebbit claimed Mrs May would benefit from hiring an official deputy prime minister to help her through the tougher times she faces.

MPs will vote on the Prime Minister’s Queen’s Speech for her minority Tory government propped up by Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party. If it passes through parliament this will effectively count as a vote on confidence in her minority government.


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