UK reveals plans for EU citizens after Brexit – CNN

UK reveals plans for EU citizens after Brexit – CNN

May, giving more details on the government’s position on the status of EU nationals Monday, said those who qualified for “settled status” would be able to bring relatives after Brexit on the same basis as UK citizens.

Those who come from the EU to join relatives in Britain before Brexit is completed will be able to apply for settled status after five years.

May, whose plans

were widely criticized by fellow European leaders

after her presentation in Brussels last week, reiterated that any EU citizens who have enjoyed five years of continuous residency in the country by the time of the cut-off point, which is yet to be determined, would qualify for “settled status.”

That would enable them to receive equal treatment alongside British citizens in terms of healthcare, education, benefits and pensions.

For those who do not meet the five-year mark by the time the cut-off time is implemented, there is the opportunity to remain in the country until they reach the five-year point, at which point they can apply for settled status.

The cut-off date is yet to be confirmed but May said it will not be earlier than March 2017 and no later than March 29, 20019, the day Britain is expected to leave the EU.

A grace period of two years will be implemented to ensure citizens can regularize their status.

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