Guardian members: share your opinions and questions on Brexit – The Guardian

Guardian members: share your opinions and questions on Brexit – The Guardian

It will soon be a year since Britain voted to leave the European Union. A year in which we have learned relatively little about what is likely to happen next – Theresa May has not only failed to progress beyond “Brexit means Brexit”, she appears also to have massively weakened her negotiating hand. The “Brexit election” she rashly called after triggering article 50, which started the 24-month period in which the UK needs to strike a deal, has delivered less certainty about what it might contain. And yet exit talks are meant to begin on Monday.

We have heard feedback from many Guardian members and contributors on this subject: you have told us that you want more Brexit coverage, and that you are relying on us to hold politicians to account; to reveal the reality of claim and counterclaim. But you have also had very different views of the important issues, the best solutions to them, and the way in which we are covering them. This is unsurprising, perhaps, when our supporters now number many hundreds of thousands, living around the world.

For the latest in our podcast series We Need to Talk About… we’ll be discussing Brexit – and we want to reflect the full range of your voices. In the podcast, which I host, we’ll feature members’ opinions and views, and will also put some of your questions on the subject to an expert panel of Guardian journalists and guests.

We’d like to hear from members on all sides of the debate, and from all around the world. What are the Brexit issues most concerning you at this time? What are your hopes and fears for the negotiations? Even if you have contacted us before on this subject, we’d love you to get in touch again: your position may have changed to reveal new questions or your thoughts may have been reinforced by recent events. In this podcast, everything Brexit is up for debate.

Members who voted to remain have explained why the Guardian’s voice matters in a media landscape dominated by Eurosceptic opinion. One contributor told us: “I’m in favour of in-depth, honest journalism. I’m a journalist overseas and had followed the Brexit referendum. The level of dishonest reporting from a section of the press was absolutely shocking and shameful.”

But we know too, that you hold our Brexit coverage to high standards, and are searching for answers to difficult questions. Might the election fallout mean a move away from a hard Brexit? And what would that mean in practice? When the Guardian’s associate editor Martin Kettle wrote about the lack of Brexit debate over the election, many of the issues he raised chimed with the frustration of readers – in the UK and beyond. There was no debate on “the post-Brexit relationship with the EU that would be best for the UK economy and for living standards”, Kettle wrote. “On that, all is silence.”

We have also, however, heard from supporters and contributors who either voted to leave, or believe that it was the right thing for Britain to do. As part of a conversation about the rise of nationalism in the most recent episode of We Need to Talk About… I spoke to a member who explained why, even as a European living in Britain, he supported the leave campaign. For him, the problem is an increased lack of democratic accountability that comes with increased distance between voters and institutions. For other readers, there are questions about immigration and its impact on wages. And some want us to reconsider how we might be characterising those who voted for leave. If that’s your point of view, we’d like to hear it.

It’s very simple to get involved: you can send us your question for the panel or give us a brief outline of your thoughts, hopes and fears about Brexit via email, or our online form, including an email address and a phone number. Please do also let us know which Guardian journalists, or outside voices, you’d love to hear on the panel.

All your responses will be read, and we’ll take into account the number of people getting in touch around a particular issue when selecting the questions to put to the panel, and which voices to feature. If you are among them, the podcast producer Stuart Silver or I will contact you by phone and record the conversation, before assembling the panel and getting their responses to it, and then publishing the podcast, which you can now subscribe to through iTunes.

We work this way, rather than holding a live event, to allow as many of you as possible to contribute to the podcast, regardless of where you live or your other commitments.

The range of views you hold is what makes this podcast such a treat to work on. The Guardian’s membership is not always what you might expect. In a world where we talk a lot about filter bubbles, the We Need to Talk About… series proves that it doesn’t take much to get beyond them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Email us on or fill in the form below. You can catch up with previous episodes of We Need to Talk About… here.

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