A hard Brexit risks no Brexit at all – Telegraph.co.uk

A hard Brexit risks no Brexit at all – Telegraph.co.uk


The surest way to prevent Brexit ever happening is for hardline eurosceptics to overplay a weak hand. Ideological greed will get the better of them.

The vote for British independence can be consummated only if done safely, in manageable steps over many years, and with broad political consent. It cannot be done without securing a degree of acquiescence from British youth and the devolved nations. 

Nor is it necessary to force through Brexit in a militant fashion. What Leavers seek can largely be achieved with statecraft, subtlety, and patience. It certainly cannot it be done if the nation is frightened, and frightened it will be if Brexit ultras push through a scorched-earth withdrawal from the EU in an economic downturn. 

The Phoney War and the fool’s prosperity of the last eleven months have lulled Brexiteers into complacency. From now on they will face a darkening picture.

The global mini-boom…

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