John Oliver and Lord Buckethead recap the British election and what it means for ‘Brexit’ – Los Angeles Times

John Oliver and Lord Buckethead recap the British election and what it means for ‘Brexit’ – Los Angeles Times

Last year, John Oliver urged the good people of the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union. As we all know, his efforts didn’t exactly pan out. 

Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight” came days after a another shocking election. As Oliver recapped, Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative party were unexpectedly dealt a major setback, thanks to a “campaign full of mistakes, flip-flops and uninspiring moments.”

The election results complicate the negotiations surrounding Britain’s pending exit from the EU, which as Oliver noted, are already proving to be a logistical, legal and political nightmare.

One of the key questions is whether May, weakened by the election results, will proceed with a “hard” or “soft” version of Brexit — a dilemma the British news media have chosen to illustrate using goofy metaphors involving cheese. 

As Oliver explained, a hard exit could deal a blow to British products, such as “pork pies, Marmite, mushy peas and undiagnosed clinical depression,” which would face heavy tariffs. 

And that’s just one of the thousands of complex issues — pet passports, anyone? — that need to be negotiated before the U.K. reaches the so-called “cliff edge” in its divorce negotiations with the E.U.

While Oliver was critical of May’s vague promise to make Brexit “red, white and blue” — whatever that means — he was more impressed by one of her opponents, Lord Buckethead, who suggested using colorful language that Brexit was a mess.

The comedian was so impressed by Lord Buckethead’s candor, he flew him to New York for an appearance on the show — and suggested maybe May should hire the intergalactic space lord to negotiate on behalf of the U.K. 

“I implore you: send the dark lord to Brussels,” he said. “Is it an absurd idea? Yes, but it would not even be close to the stupidest thing that you have ever done.”

You can watch the entire segment, complete with Lord Buckethead’s offensive language, here.

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