‘The poor will become even poorer!’ Italian art student lashes out at ‘elitist’ Brexit – Express.co.uk

‘The poor will become even poorer!’ Italian art student lashes out at ‘elitist’ Brexit – Express.co.uk


Federica Beretta blasted Brexiteers for persuading Britain’s working class to “vote against their interests” during last year’s EU referendum.

Speaking to Italian publication La Repubblica for a series documenting how the decision to exit the bloc has affected EU nationals in London, the student said the rich would become richer after , despite 17.4million people voting Leave.

She said: “I think Brexit is an invention of the English elite, the London gentleman’s club that has been able to persuade the working class to vote against their interests.

“The result of Brexit does not benefit them, but only the ruling class. The millionaires will become richer. And the poor people will be even poorer.”

Ms Beretta admitted she was “upset” by the referendum but remained optimistic she would be allowed to remain in the UK after it leaves the EU.

She added: “If I’m selfish, I could say that to my luck, the art business in London will improve, but I’m also European, I’m Italian, I’m an Erasmus supporter.

“It really bothered me, it was upsetting, but I think they will let us stay here. I was planning to go to Singapore and Hong Kong, but unfortunately, I have to postpone that until the future of European citizens is determined.”

The comments come after Theresa May’s offer to guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK was snubbed by the EU before the General Election.

She told European ambassadors in January she wanted to come to an agreement before negotiations began on the 3m EU nationals in the UK and the 1.2m Britons within the bloc but did not have the backing of all 27 member states.

She said: “We want to guarantee the rights of EU citizens who are already living in Britain and the rights of Britons in other member states as early as we can.

“I have told EU leaders we could do that now… many of them favour such an agreement, one or two others do not.”

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